Friday, December 31, 2010


unik kn cake ni? haha.. comel gile hantu2 terbang tu,. 1 hari nnt aku akan bukak bakery yg jual cake2 unik mcm ni.. i love cakes..!!! nnt aku update plak gmbr2 cake yg aku buat kat sini.. hari tu x smpt nak tgkap gmbr.. belum tgkap gmbr dah kene potong cake tu.. huhu.. 

i love CHOCOLATE..!!!!!

as the title goes.. I LOVE CHOCOLATE.. 
dark chocolate is my favourite one.. why do i love chocolate so much? chocolate makes me happy..!! and it makes me laugh whenever i feel like crying..  well.. i'd like to eat chocolate everyday.. but i just can't because it's quite expensive here.. i love snickers sooooo much..!!! snickers is one of my favourite.. i can eat snickers almost every day.. haha..( i know it's not funny) .
actually i got nothing to say... because this is my first time posting a blog.. lol