Thursday, March 31, 2011


woowww..!! wooww..!!!

i wanna eat all of them..!!!

i love them..!!! especially the SNICKERS..!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! i would gain 5kilos if i eat all these.. :D

this is my FAVOURITE..!!!!! :)

ta sukete...... (help me..)

help me...!!!

mmeeeoowww.... :(

"do i look like this?"


..misery me..
seriously!! emotional disturbance yang sangat teruk...
aiyaaa... knape ye?? knape aku stress sgt?
knape aku asyik fikir negative2 je ni??
it's just not like me.. :(
xpelaa.. i hope i'll be okay...

Sunday, March 27, 2011


i would cry whenever something that
i hate triggers 
me.. and that is soo bad..
i would get mad upon small things..
it's bad...really bad... :(

i just don't feel good.. :(

i just feel like crying.. i've been thinking about that because 

it's not a good feeling you know.. no one would understand 

how i feel.. sometimes i can't take it.. :(

i can't do anything about it.. i just don't know what to do..

it's really uncomfortable.. i know this is just nothing 

to worry about but i just can't stop thinking about it..

well i just don't feel good.... :(

Saturday, March 26, 2011

lab result..

well.. the lab result was always +ve no matter how much i did..
it's already 3 times i did those tests.. but some doc said that 
it was an infection.. and some say it wasn't..
it's confusing.. i don't know what to do..
it's not hurting.. but it's uncomfortable for me..
what should i do next?
or i just have to let it be..?
wait for any other symptoms to come,is it?
fine.. i'll just wait.. in case it would got any worse..
but you know.. i don't feel good till i know what's the problem actually..

Friday, March 25, 2011

Tourett's syndrome..

all you need to know about tourett's syndrome
is already in this video..
she's so young yet she gets this disease.. 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

neuroanatomy hari ini

hali ni punya neuro aa manyak pining..
gua tatau mau describe mcm mana.. 
manyak btoi input hali ni..
mula2 dr. asyraf tu yg ajar..
haiyoo!! mula2 sedap aa..
dia ajar manyak laju ooo..
tp bile dah bace ok je..
cume mungkin sbb kalo doc lain dorang 
kn ulang few times smpai btol2 phm..
tu jela kot.. 
ps: okay, i know it's quite a lame topic.. haha

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


tensionlahh dgn internet niii... :0
nak skype ngn mak n baba pun susah maa..!!
try call aje dah sejam.. dpt cakap 5min
pun x smpai maa..!!! adoii..
hurm.. xpelaa.. esok la plak..
harap2 internet x buat hal lagi.. :(
rindu mak ngn baba..!!!! :'(

Monday, March 21, 2011

my new ambition

pathologist ---> cardiologist ---> NEUROLOGIST..
ok.. what a boring topic here.. i just want to share what i would like to be..
i might change my ambition few times.. haha..
but i won't choose O&G for sure..

japanese vs chinese vs arabic

athirah : lei mou kao chowaa des?? (ape awk buat ni des?? -cine plus jepun<des>)
nabila   : ni shuo she ma?? (ape awk ckp ni?-cine)
athirah : wo hen hou...(sy khabar baik-cine) 
             wo shenme she ma?? (xdpt dikenalpasti ape mksudnye) 
             nie shiao she me? (ni athirah hentam..dy pun xtau ape mksudnye)
nabila   : wo em meng aa..!! (saye x faham la..-cine)
athirah : bushi2!! (bukan2!!-cine) enti la' fahmi? musy fahim? (awk x fhm ke?-arabic)
nabila   : aiwah!! (ye..-arabic)
athirah : eh? (ape?-arabic)
nabila   : nanii?? (ape??-jepun)
athirah : meyou2.. (xde2..-cine)
nabila   : nanimonai..(xde ape2..-jepun)
athirah : nande? (knape?-jepun)
nabila   : nande dayo? (knape?-jepun)
athirah : dayo eh? (ni bahasa jepun plus arab..aku pun xtau nak translate cmne) 
nabila   : dayo ne.. (aku hentam aje ni)
athirah : oooo....meshi2.. (baik2-arab)
             khalas? (dah habis?-arab)
nabila   : mush2.. (tidak2-arab)
athirah : moshi2..(hello-jepun)
nabila   : hai'2..!! (ye2-jepun)
athirah : hello!
nabila   : lei pin koa?? (awk ni sape?-cine)
athirah : da eh?? ana mush a'rif arabic.. ehh.. oops..!! 
             sin2.. enti sin?? (awk cina?-arab)
(athirah jwb utk aku)   : haii'..
athirah : ooo,sin...patutla.. (^_^) = sepet
             celik luas2 sket..
             ana mixer..
nabila  : athirah hontouni chi seng!! (athirah betul2 gile-bahasa jepun+bahasa cine)
            hontouni kawaii ja nai..!!! (betul2 x comel!!)
athirah : kawaii~ syukran..!! (athirah x fhm ape aku ckp..haha)  

ni namenye.. pointless conversation dan menghabiskan buku nota..
haha.. conversation ni ditulis kat buku nota athirah..
buku nota physio lak tu.. sementara menunggu doc masuk..
hahahaa... :D

Sunday, March 20, 2011

hari kelas..

hari kelas....hurmm.. maksudnye hari start klas laa..
hurm.. aku penat.. tp x sepenat athirah la.. haha..
klaka.. dy tgk transformers pun dy bole tido.. hahaha.. :D
mmg klaka athirah ni.. mlm pun lps aku solat maghrib,
aku nk pnjam sikat kat dy.. rupenye aku ckp sorang2..
dy dah tido balik.. haha.. kesian athirah.. penat sgt yee.. hehe..
pastu ingt ade exam spinal cord smlm.. tp nasib baik laa
xde..haha.. kalo x abesla aku..aku study tp takut x ingt..
awal2 tu malas lak nak pegi klas.. tp kne la rajin..
hurm.. rase cm nak buat pancake.. tp xde bahan la..
lain kali laa..(malas sbnrnye..) haha...

gile jepun!!

haha.. i can't believe that i'm sooo into japan movies..!!
well it's not just that.. i love their language too..
it's cute..!! skrg ni dah mlekat bahase jepun dah sket.. haha
but honestly, japan drama much better than korea i guess.. kalo dnga kat korea maniac ni mampus aku.. haha..
tp btol la.. jepun nye drama cm bermoral sket.. well stakat yg
aku tgk la.. hehe.. tp mostly kalo cte jepun bole dpt msg yg 
drama tu nak smpaikn.. kalo korea plak.. citenye cm typical je..
(sorry kpd korea maniacs out there.. hehe..) but not all of them i 
mean korea nye drama yg typical.. but mostly..
bout their songs pun bnyk beza.. of course from the language laa..
tu mmgla obvious.. i mean the lyrics la kot.. stakat ni aku lyn 
arashi je.. but really.. their songs "saiko..!!!" ="cool"
lyric dy penuh maksud laa.. xdela typical sgt.. cm love love and love..
well sometimes love song makes me sick.. sometimes laa..
depends on that song la.. those who watched hana yori dango and 
boys over flowers(korea).. they can tell the difference laa..
hana yori dango 10000000000 times better..!!!
alamak..!! dah mengantuk la plak.. huuaaarrgghhhh.. 
oyasuminasai..!!! :P

Sunday, March 6, 2011

credit to ezza..!!!

modified kek batik..

smlm sy buat kek batik.. hurm.. da lame x buat kek batik..
saje try modify sket..wahh..!! sedap dari biase.. :)
rugi sape yg x dpt mkn.. hehe.. :P sedap2.. *puji diri sendiri*
haha.. :D hurmm.. boring sgt2 duk uma sorang2.. kwn2 pun jauh maa..
nak kuar..takutla kuar sorang2..xmau2.. da lepak2 kat uma sorang2 tu..
keje melalak jela.. haha.. kalo rajin masak ape2 sket.. 
tu yg bole buat kek batik la.. nak buat steamed cheese cake..
tp malas nak g carik barang.. hehe.. :P


song for me..

ps: ezza, jgn marah aaa.... :P

Saturday, March 5, 2011



No one knows and no one should know
the tears hidden behind these eyes
Like in a dream, I stop time
and leave my sadness sleeping gently

Even now, the memories I recall,
are just like GLASS with scars,
full of bruises, but I believe in tomorrow.

Now I hold my wishes in my hand
and search for the truth
A STORY no ones knows; it begins now
Because you are here, I will not lose my way
I will not shed tears either; till that day!

I will not be afraid of a future that I cant see yet
I will just believe in the world that is in front of my eyes.
Things that I grabbed a hold of and things that I lost
Surely everything has a reason behind it.

Even if we are darkened by sadness
we will light the way with happiness
I am living in the present; I am walking with you

Please dont ever forget
I am here
A STORY no one knows; it will continue
I will stake all that I have, because I have something to protect
I will go through it with these definite feelings

~Like painting the past and the future
In the sky where the sun has begun to rise~

{The STORY starts}
Because you are here, I will not lose my way
Let's get over this long night

Now I hold my wishes in my hand
and search for the truth
A STORY no ones knows; it begins now
Because you are here, I will not lose my way
I will not shed tears either; till that day!

dear snow... :(

dear snow

Your lovely face was dyed in brilliant colors.
I came to know my weak side, if I met you by chance.

If I'm crushed by the pain that is too much to carry.
The feelings that couldn't reach you will only get stronger.

The snow is simply quiet as if it were similar to you.
It flutters down to this shoulder and I smile gently.
Because if I were to touch it with my hand, it would surely disappear .
I'll leave it where it is and alone, close my eyes to feel you.

I tenderly kissed your sleeping face.
I couldn't say it honestly, hiding my shaking heart.

If I just believe that smile and hold you.
The sky will echo with the sound of a miracle.

The snow is simply quiet as if it were similar to you.
It flutters down to this shoulder and I smile gently.
Because if I were to touch it with my hand, it would surely disappear.
I'll leave it where it is and alone, close my eyes to feel you.

My burning white passion went astray on the wind and soared higher.
I wonder if it will follow you to the distant place you are.

If you wish it, I'll offer you myself.
Entrust me with all the sadness that befalls you.

So that we can welcome the spring, we hold each other close.
If we melt away, we won't need anything.

The snow is simply quiet as if it were similar to you.
It flutters down to this shoulder and I smile gently.
Because if I were to touch it with my hand, it would surely disappear.
I'll leave it where it is and alone, close my eyes to feel you.

We can't wish for eternity.

But even so, you are the person dearest to me.

am i right or wrong?

hurm.. have you ever felt like "am i right or am i wrong? what've i done?"
i always feel that way whenever the person i care doesn't want to talk to me..
susah nak jage hati sume orang.. well.. nobody's perfect right? i'm telling people 
whatever i wanted to.. sometimes they don't understand what i feel.. 
sometimes they do.. i know i can't expect them to understand what i was telling..
but i want them to try to understand because that is what i do every time
people tell me something.. sometimes i was like 
"why can't they do like what i did? why can't they treat me like i treat them?"
sometimes i want them to console me especially the one who i really care and love..
i don't get it.. what am i? man! i'm not a robot...!!
i'm a human being who has the right to be loved.. i know i'm no good in few things..
well.. nobody's perfect(again).. but at least i try to.. 
sometimes i want to be alone like i used to.. but i know i can't afford to be that way again..
because i love them so much.. maybe i'm the one who has to change..but..
man!! it's hard!! i've changed somehow but do i have to change a few times 
just to make others happy? what about myself?
i just wanna be myself and i want people to love me like i am me..
i don't want them to like me because i'm not being me to make them happy...
i want them to love me the way i am...
accept me just as i am.. 
especially him... 
tell me if i'm doing anything wrong.. 
be with me when i need...
listen to what i want to tell..
believe in me...
understands me...and....