Tuesday, April 26, 2011

i love loacker!!!

i love em all..!!!! :D

i want that one..ahh..no.. it's that one..
no2.. the hazelnut..chocolate looks good too..
man!! i want them all..!!

this is one of my favourite!!

this is the best!!!!

yummy!!!! :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

HEARTACHE!! *faint*

yea..heartache can't be cure with drugs..
man.. i wish someday there's medicine which can cure heartache..
sure i would take that daily.. haha.. 
sometimes i feel like nobody likes me..
*i shouldn't feel that way..i know..*
have you ever felt that way?? have you ever felt betrayed??
"nobody's perfect.." everybody knows that.. but..
why can't they accept the phrase..??
i wonder....
i'm not saying this to anyone specifically.. 
well.. it's just the reality of life.. 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

calcium oxalate????

calcium oxalate pulakk... 
honestly... what is happening to me??
i'm scared..!! what should i do?? harap2 x teruk laa...
i hope everything will be just fine.. :(
calcium oxalate is a common form of kidney stones
but somehow i hope it's not... :-s 

Saturday, April 16, 2011


tolterodine.. i thought i've got the answer for my problem..
but no.. it got worse instead..i'm sooo worry about what happen to me..
sometimes my hand tremors.. i don't know whether it was just my imagination
or it really happens.. but maybe it was just nothing..
or some kind of side effects of using the tolterodine.. 
i got headache too.. and last night was the worst.. my stomach's killing me..
i had stomachache but not really stomachache.. i'm not sure what it was..
i hope everything will be just fine.. :-s

Monday, April 11, 2011

xtau nak ckp ape..

hurmm.. what a bad day.. pasal yg smlm pun belum ok..
plus hari ni plak.. plus dgn aku pnye health problems..
ok.. i gotta be tough.. but it's not easy anyway..
everyday seems soo gloomy.. i hate the atmosphere sometimes..
i hate it when sometimes i've been blamed even if i'm not at fault..
but they keep blaming me for the things that wasn't my fault..
that's sooooo bad.. don't you think?
you don't blame somebody just because you're hurt..
you can blame others if it really wasn't your fault..but be sure of it first..
it's a bad thing to do.. we're not perfect.. 
everybody makes mistakes.. as if for me..
i won't do anything that i don't want other people do to me..
maybe sometimes i did.. but i'll always try my best not to...
now i've learnt that friends are the people that you can count on..
people who put their trust on you.. and always be there for you
when you need them..
and the most is.. people who accept you the way you are.. but not 
forgetting..understand themselves and they won't blame you without 
exact reasons...that's what a friend do..

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

nur yasmin bt mohd nazry..

yasmin nazry.. it's your birthday my friend.. :)
my very best friend.. you were always there when i need you..
though we met for just one year.. honestly i don't really remember that 
we used to be in the same kindergarten until you show me the picture
of yours.. and i show you mine.. i still remember that moment.. :)
it's you who always accompany me wherever i wanted to go..
it's you who be with me when i had no one to befriended with..
you're my best friend,yasmin.. i wish you were here with me..
but Allah knows what's good.. He loves you the most..
i still remember the time when you slipped away..
and i remember the last day we spent together..
i'm glad that i could stand the chance to spent some time with you..
you asked me to hang out with you that day..
we play so hard like we never did..
you asked me to stay at your home that day..
but i refuse.. somehow i regret it..
it's been 7 years now.. but i'm still missing you.. :(
we were laughing out loud that day..
and i was crying my heart out the next day.. :'(
you know what.. i can't believe my life has changed after you're gone..
it took me a month to realize that you're already gone..
aku x delete pun number hang and you know what..
aku still call hang lps hari tu.. although i know no one would answer..
sometimes i text you though i know you wont reply me..
it's hard for me to accept the fate that you're already gone..
banyak nak cerita.. but it won't be enough to tell.. we have too
much memories together.. I LOVE YOU YASMIN..<3   
the thing that i regret the most is that i didn't stand a chance to have your picture..not even one... :'(

Friday, April 1, 2011

30 seconds

30 seconds of "shaking" in egypt..
man!! i thought nurul was playing a prank on me 
since today is april 1st.. 
my bed was shaking.. so i thought she was shaking it..
but she wasn't there when i look at my bed..
then i saw ezza's fan was shaking and everything was..
sit,athirah and ada told me that they felt it too..
well..except nurul.. haha..
hopefully it's just nothing..
pray for us..!! nauzubillah... :(

laugh out loud!!!!

watch out!!!

moral of the story?? don't let your kids watch zombie movies.. :P

that is soo true.. :D


accomodation of near vision.. 

haahhh..!! don't shoot me..!! 

what are you staring at,huhh???!!

this is crazy!! LOL

nasi kandar..!!!

waahh..sedapnye nasi kandar!!! 
baba, kakya nak nasi kandar shariff..!!!! :(

nasi kandar banjir..!! my favourite!! mak..i'm starving.. :(