Monday, May 30, 2011

hari STRESS!!

i hate it when it comes to this seriously..!!
man!!! everybody was like "aaarghh!! x abes lg bace!"
"ape yg nak masuk ni?" "kalau kuar soalan ni mcm mane??"
A,"function of thyroid hormone ape?" B,"errr..alamakk! x ingtla.. dah bace dahh!!"
darn it!! i can't take this! this is stressful.. i mean.. REALLY..!
i was hoping that there's miracles during exam.. insyaAllah..
takut x ingt ape yg dah dibace.. huhu.. :(
mcm mane ni... takut gile dah nii..
nasib baik la aku ade blog.. because you know..
nobody listens.. everybody was like.."kau least kau dah abes bace..!!"
"elleh..kau msti bole punye.." or ".........." 
i think i'm gonna need some rest... (-.-)"

Thursday, May 12, 2011

scream my heart out!!!!

aaaaaarrrggghhhhh!!!! i wanna scream my lungs ouuuttttt...!!!!
man!! i'm stressed out!! ni yg malas ni kalau nk2 exam tu
mcm ni la jadinye.. everything doesn't seems right..
seriously!! i can't hold this feelings anymore..
wish i can scream my heart out.. :O
kalau kat maktab dulu boleh la jogging sorang2 bile stress..
tp kat sini?? jgn harap laaaa...
sediiiihhhhnyee..!! :'(


peeps, don't read my blog.. because it was all about me and that is sssoooo lame..
and it mostly brings sadness rather than happiness.. that's not a good thing anyway..

Saturday, May 7, 2011

nouman ali khan

how to control your anger??

ability to speak is a gift from Allah..


don't even say "uff.." to your parents..

masyaAllah..this guy is really great in his brief speech.. 
may Allah bless him.. Allah's mercy is sooo great.. subhanallah!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

gloomy weather

weather can express it's feelings  

this painting shows gloomy feeling of a person..
it's a very beautiful art..

weather can express its feelings.. subhanallah..

i don't feel like i'm being myself..

aaaaa..this is weird.. everything seems so gloomy..

or is it just me?? i'm being very sensitive lately..

and i don't know why.. i always had a bad feelings..

well it's just hard to describe.. :(

this is not me.. i don't remember i used to be this way..

ohh..yeaa..i used to..but that when i was in 2ry..

hhurmm..maybe sbb dah nak final kot..

jadi bengong sementara..

well.. i hope this feelings won't lasts..

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

smile-avril lavigne

y-y-you said 
"hey..what's your name?"
it took one look and now
i'm not the same.. said "hey.."
since that day..
you stole my heart and
you're the one to blame
and that's why...
it's been a while..
since everyday and everything
has felt this right...
and now..
you turn it all around
and suddenly..
you're all i need
the reason...
i smile-e-e-e :)

i'm a cookie monster!!


these are my favorite cookies..!!!

"hello..panda!! ohio gozaimas..!!"

"konichiwaa..!!" i love this the most!!

"aaaa' kawaaiiiiii...!!!" ;)

haa..kalau tgk yg main golf tu teringat kat BABA..
tgk yg main bola pulak teringat kat MARZUQ.. :P
i just love this cookie sooo much!!

wish i could eat this cookie everyday..nyum..nyum.. I'M A COOKIE MONSTER!! :D


i really really like her teeth!!

well..yeah..sometimes it makes her looks like a vampire
but i think they're BEAUTIFUL!

i really adore her teeth..

"that's why i smile.."